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Munich, Germany

BMW Museum

Dynamic architecture was an essential part of the presentation of BMW’s large selection of original exhibits. The solution, developed by ART+COM in conjunction with G-LEC, is a massive LED installation that transforms the walls of the Museum’s BMW Square into so-called ‘mediatecture’.

Essential to the installation is the ability to individually control each one of the 1 750 000 LEDs, plus the means to cut each PCB into pixel sized increments in order to match the installation absolutely to the shape of the space, including fitting around bridges, archways and wall fixings.

White SMD LEDs are pitched at 20mm on white printed circuit boards, then transformed into an architectural façade with the simple placement of huge panes of sand blasted glass placed at a specified distance in front of them.

BMW Square is the centre and the beginning of the tour. Visitors cross it several times getting new perspectives while touring the museum. The four façades cover a total 700 m², the main challenge of such a space being to ensure that all the LEDs were at an exact 5600°K. All the PCBs are also white, and a special wall mounted ‘spider’ bracket was developed to mount them seamlessly onto the wall, with special covers to mask the joints. The development of the installation, which was project managed by G-LEC, took 18 months.