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Berlin, Germany

BMW Flagship Showroom

Full size display surfaces, each consisting of six Phantom frames, were installed inside the two showroom windows. Two important factors influenced the choice of G-LEC: fast construction without damage to the building and without blocking daylight from the showroom.


This flagship showroom, on Berlin’s premier shopping street, Kurfürstendam, is flanked by global brands, fashion boutiques and chic coffee shops, frequented by Europe’s most well heeled clientele.

The installation was for the world launch of the new BMW series 3. The showroom was in normal use during the day, so it was important not to
block out the daylight and to allow passers-by to see the newly launched cars inside.

During the evenings, BMW hosted receptions with presentations to VIP customers. The Phantom system gave the showroom a punchy and attention grabbing look from the busy Kurfürstendam. Even though facing towards the street, the Phantom display had considerable impact on the party inside, as the graphics were perfectly mirrored in the showroom windows against the dark outside.

The Phantom display surfaces were used to show abstract forms and images with the occasional showing of BMW graphics.