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Phantom Assembly - lifting the lid...

The ultimate Transparent and lightweight LED Video Screen

As the first company to introduce transparent Low Resolution LED Video, it is not surprising that the G-LEC Phantom screen is the preferred system for the most demanding events and touring.

The Rolls Royce of LED Screens
The Phantom is not the cheapest, but has no comparison in terms of brightness, color consistency and quality.
  • Careful batch control of the high power LEDs during manufacture guarantee that the image doesn't vary in hue across any size screen.
  • Lens typ LEDs provide simply the best angles for distance viewing and most powerful light output.
  • Phantom 30, with a pixel resolution of 30mm, provides daytime luminance levels, while Phantom 60 provides optimum transparency and brightness for longer viewing distances.
Perfect sized building blocks
Frames 1x1m (3.1x3.1ft), transport easily in optimum sized road cases (see 2nd picture on left), with subsequent reduction of damages.

They are also an easy 1 man lift for fast assembly and breakdown: - the heaviest frame is the Phantom 30 coming in at only 8kg (17lb), with the Phantom 60 at 5.6kg (12 lb).

The Stud and Corner
The patented QuickLock(c) studs (3rd picture) just 'click' the frames together in a matter of seconds. Clean, fast and very, very safe, approved by German DIN and TUV standards.

Note also the bevilled corner, allowing circular shaped screens while still keeping the pixel distance correct to the neighbouring screens.

Power and Control
A clean, logical way of distributing power and video is essential, especially when under pressure of getting the show going.

Low voltage power distribution avoids hot and failure prone PSBs, with neat and short links jumping from frame to frame.

No hairy DVI signalling, no co-axial cables with BNC connectors. Just simple, strong and easily obtainable optical fibre daisy chain wiring.

Add a Laptop
It doesn't matter how big or small your screen is, or even if your screen is discontinuous or is distributed in 3D space, the Phantom configuration program provides the patented 'pixel perfect' ability to offset each screen by an exact number of pixels - not just by number of frames.

So, not only can frames or clusters of frames be spaced apart, horisontally and vertically, in 30mm or 60mm increments, but they can also overlap by 30mm or 60mm increments. Only G-LEC can do this.

Setting up and addressing frames is also fast and easy, with each frame with its unique network address, obviating fiddly and time consuming individual addressing of the frames, when in place.

For Events by Events People
The G-LEC Phantom screen is the single best system suitable for a wide number of uses for temporary events and touring:

  • Optimal size frames for safe and speedy use, with low risk of breakage
  • Maximum luminance and for shorter viewing distances with Phantom 30
  • Maximum transparency and for longer viewing distances with Phantom 60
  • Fast to put together, fast to wire, fast to address
  • One big screen - or many screen clusters with gaps or overlapping
For more technical information, download a data sheet (A4 size or US Letter size), or contact us at any of our offices.

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